PIW - Let's Collaborate - Tech - Meeting : Basic Meeting, Pro Pack & Control Hub evolution updates

Join this session to learn about two great additions to Webex Meetings: the VR/business Metaverse via the 3DFrame integration and NDI. It was announced that Webex will have NDI support soon, but what is NDI? What is its use in event and video production environments and why would you or your customers use it? This session will give an NDI overview, show tools to experiment with it and share a preview of the upcoming Webex feature.

Date: 15 December, 2022 14:00 (1 Hour)
Language: English
Audience: Pre Sales, Support, Lifecycle & Adoption, Renewal, Operations
Level: Intermediate

Registration: https://xpert.cisco.com/register/TC-008485?reqId=SS-009107