PIW - Accelerate the adoption of Cisco Secure solutions with Cisco Capital

In a recent Cisco internal Advocacy survey, 40% of the respondents declared that even with an allocated budget for security, they find it hard to prioritize and keep up with unexpected spending. Join us to learn how you can help your customers face the unexpected, close their security gaps by bringing more financial predictability, and accelerate their Cisco Secure projects with no upfront costs. During this session, you will learn: • What is Cisco Lifecycle Pay for Secure Firewall, a new payment program that extends a 10% replacement incentive when your existing customers upgrade and return their old firewall to Cisco’s latest qualifying firewall products. • How to sell more Security Enterprise Agreements with Enterprise Agreement Pay, and how to align EA’s True Forward feature to your customers’ annual budget. • How to close deals faster and beat your competition with programs designed to lower total cost of usage. • How to remove complexity and secure income by getting paid upfront, shift the risk to Cisco Capital, mitigate credit and currency risks, and protect your balance sheet. In a recent IDC survey, 70% of customers stated that they expect financing options to be provided as part of a proposal. (Source: IDC IT Procurement Trends & Consumption Models Survey IDC #US48245021) Bring Cisco’s latest security technologies within your customers’ reach, no matter their budget. In this session we will cover Cisco Capital programs for Cisco Secure as well as available resources for partners.

Date: 28 February 2023, 10:00 (1 Hour)
Language: English
Audience: Marketing, Sales
Level: Intermediate

Registration: https://xpert.cisco.com/register/TC-008727?reqId=SS-010518