PIW - FlashStack for the Future: Sustainability, Power consumption, joint Licensing, technical viewpoints, use cases

Cisco and Pure Storage jointly deliver FlashStack™, the converged infrastructure solution that brings Pure Data-Centric Architecture to your data center. What is the value with the new Cisco UCS-X Series? Looking into joint licensing, sustainability and technical innovations with specific use cases. 1. Scale, Upgrade, Avoid Downtime with Stateless Technology 2. Management Designed for the Data Center and the Business 3. Promote Innovation Through Simplified Upgrades: Cisco UCS Infrastructure and Evergreen Storage 4. Designed Around Performance and Reliability 5. Simplicity, Ease-of-Use, and Cost Reduction

Date: 18 April 2023, 10:30 (1 Hour)
Language: English
Audience: Sales, Technology
Level: Intermediate

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