20 апреля 2022

Today Cisco announced that it is launching a payment solution called Cisco Green Pay that supports the circular use of Cisco’s sustainable technologies. This offer enables customers to enter the circular economy and helps them meet their sustainability goals. At the end of the term, the product is recovered by Cisco free of charge.

Cisco Green Pay offers a 5% incentive on Cisco hardware, predictable payments for five years and free product returns. When the equipment is returned, the customer receives a certificate confirming that it has entered the circular economy. Additional offer features:
⭕ Applies to Cisco’s sustainable technologies, including Green Meraki®, the Cisco IoT portfolio, smart buildings, and Service Provider (SP) infrastructure.

⭕ At the end of the term customers return the equipment or have the option to extend for one additional year.
⭕ Complements Cisco’s other sustainability efforts (including the recent launch of the partner Environmental Sustainability Specialization and Takeback Incentive and the Send IT Back app) to transition to the circular economy.

According to the Ellen McArthur Foundation, the circular economy can contribute towards tackling the 45% of global greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be resolved by transitioning to renewable energy alone. Circularity is one of the main building blocks of Europe’s new agenda for sustainable growth, and environmental sustainability is becoming critical for IT departments in EMEA. Of 311 channel partners surveyed by Canalys in March 2022, one in four EMEA respondents reported that environmental sustainability is included in over a third of customers’ requests for proposals received. Cisco Green Pay enables customers to address the growing concerns related to the sustainability of their technology.
Cisco is committed to powering a sustainable, circular, and inclusive future:  At the World Economic Forum in January 2018, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins and eight other tech executives signed the Capital Equipment Pledge, in which Cisco committed to 100% product return upon request, at no cost to customers. Cisco Green Pay helps accelerate this goal by introducing a commercial model that promotes circular IT versus ownership to help increase the number of products returned and remanufactured.
 By FY25, 100% of new Cisco products and packaging will incorporate Circular Design Principles.
 The Product Takeback and Reuse Program lets Cisco equipment owners return hardware that has reached end-of-use, at no cost. 99.9% of what is returned is reused and recycled, ensuring responsible disposition of equipment.
 In Fiscal 2021, Cisco enhanced its tools to facilitate product return at end of use by expanding the Send IT Back app. The app is currently available to both Android and iOS users in the US, UK, and the EU, with plans to expand access across additional markets globally.
 Cisco Refresh, Cisco’s certified remanufactured business, has reduced the company's reliance on raw materials and has kept over 2.5 million pounds (about 1133980 kg) of equipment from going to landfills in the past year. The program helps meet Cisco’s sustainability goals and benefits customers’ looking for tangible ways to show their sustainability commitments through a range of value-added lifecycle solutions.