30 декабря 2022

The Top 5 Cisco Podcast Moments of 2022

As Cisco wraps up 2022, we're putting a spotlight on our most popular podcast episodes!

From hot tech trends to key cultural moments and leadership advice - we have it all here for you to explore!

So before you get ready to kick off 2023, kick your feet up first and tune in to all the fun, insightful conversations we had with our Cisco leaders, tech experts, and so many more amazing personalities. Besides, who doesn't enjoy a good podcast while doing a few holiday chores? Here are our Top 5 Podcast Moments of 2022.

1???? Talking Innovation and Applications with Liz Centoni
2 ???? Exploring Neurodiversity with Richard Everard
3 ???? Leading with Empathy, Curiosity and Finding the Strengths in Others
4 ???? Talking Customer Experience with Thimaya Subaiya
5 ???? The "It Factor" of Successful Leaders

Keep Your Ears Open for 2023

With the New Year just around the corner, you can be certain there will be more exciting stories to tell and listen to - so keep your ears open! In the meantime, we hope you get a moment to immerse yourself in these 2022 podcast highlights. Happy Holidays and make sure to tune in with us in 2023!

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