In today’s data centre, EVPN with VXLAN encapsulation (RFC 8364) has become the standards based approach for delivering VPN services across a shared leaf-spine IP infrastructure. The maturity of EVPN and the multiple benefits it provides, has also seen its footprint grow not just within the data center but also across data centers for service continuity.  This dramatic growth raises a number of scaling and DCI challenges, when attempting to provide seamless layer 2 and 3 VPNs services across different EVPN domains both within the data center and across geographically dispersed data centers interconnected via MPLS or IP backbones.

This webinar discusses the work done by the IETF BESS working group to deliver a standards based approach for scaling EVPN and provide seamless DCI interconnect across MPLS and IP backbones, and Arista’s market-leading adoption of these standards to deliver hierarchical EVPN solutions for scale and DCI.

Data: APRIL 15TH, 10AM PT / 1PM ET

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