PIW - Better Security and Detection and Faster Response with Cisco Managed XDR offer

The security landscape is becoming increasingly complex, and SOC analysts are challenged with more and more sophisticated attacks.[...]

PIW - Accelerate OT WAN Deployments in a Secure, Easy, and Cost-Effective Manner

Cisco continues to evolve automation capabilities for OT networks with its SD-WAN solution as well as enhancing the GTM strategy. [...]

PIW - Cisco Live US and ISE 3.4 Update

In this session, we will cover summary of Cisco Live US related to Cisco ISE together with ISE 3.4 Update. [...]

PIW - Meraki SASE (Secure Connect)

During this PIW session, you’ll get an inside look at Cisco’s Unified SASE platform that combines the best of Cisco Networking with Cisco Security to help customers on their journey to simpler secure connectivity. [...]

PIW - GTM - Webex Suite Update 44.6

Join us to hear the latest & greatest from across our Webex Suite as we deliver the monthly update goodness.[...]

PIW - Security Announcements at RSA Conference Review

RSA Conference is May 6-9, 2024, in San Francisco. [...]

PIW - Grow Your Success Tracks Business and Profitability

Bring your Marketing team for a look at resources available to partners to grow your Success Tracks business. Build your marketing muscle with new curated resources.[...]

PIW - Sales - Discover the Latest in Webex Contact Center Innovations

Date: 09 May 2024 - 11:00 (1 Hour) Language: English Audience: Marketing, Multi Focus, Sales Level: Intermediate [...]

PIW - Cisco Duo Technology Partnerships with Microsoft and Chrome Enterprise

Learn from Cisco Duo product team, how Duo is deepening our technology partnerships with Microsoft and Chrome, empowering thousands of customers to strengthen their organizational security.[...]

PIW - Accelerating your Profitability with Meraki Managed Services

In our 4th Episode (4/4) around building Managed Services with Meraki we will show you how you can accelerate your profitability by building and selling a Managed Service with our Meraki platform. [...]

PIW - Cisco ISE : Be Compliant

Learn best practice approach and promotional offer for upgrades from ISE 2.X to 3.X[...]

PIW - Showcase your expertise with the new IoT Solution specializations

Cisco announced the launch of two IoT Solution Specializations which will provide continued success to the [...]

PIW - Meet the Cisco Data Center Networking Product Managers: Nexus Dashboard

In this very special webinar series, you will have the opportunity to listen to and interact with our guest speakers, who are the business unit Product Managers for different areas of our DC Networking portfolio.[...]

PIW - Future-Proofing Your Cisco Wireless Infrastructure

In today's evolving world, a strong wireless network is crucial for connecting devices – especially with the expansion to the 6GHz spectrum that is offered by new Wi-Fi standards such as Wi-Fi 6E. [...]

PIW - Cisco SD-WAN Cloud OnRamp for Multicloud and SaaS

This session will provide a Cloud onRamp (CoR) for Multicloud Overview, exploring across all major cloud providers integrated with Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN including AWS Cloud WAN Integration and more, paired with a demo.[...]

PIW - Lifecycle Incentives 2.0 Evolution Updates

Delve into our expanded portfolio of software offers added to LCI 2.0 in Q3 and how to leverage it to increase profitability.[...]

PIW - Cisco ISE Update and Migration Offer

Date: 19 March 2024 - 15:00 (1 Hour) Language: English Audience: Sales, Technology Level: Intermediate [...]

PIW - Cisco SASE - Cisco Live EMEA Updates

Join us to hear about Cisco’s latest SASE innovations as announced as Cisco Live EMEA, in this session we will look at the new innovations in both Cisco Secure Access (SSE) and Cisco Secure Connect (Unified SASE). [...]

PIW - Meraki Tech Tuesdays - WiFi-6E and the Meraki wireless magic

This episode aims to provide you with the tips and tricks you need to ensure that your wireless network can meet the demands of being the first and most important method for which your clients will connect to your enterprise network. [...]

PIW - Networking Experiences Market Trends and Predictions you should consider for 2024

Date: 6 March 2024 - 15:00 (1 Hour) Language: English Audience: Sales, Technology Level: Intermediate [...]

PIW - GTM - Webex Suite Update + Eleveo

Join us for our regular monthly update where we bring you the latest updates & important announcements from the amazing Webex Software Suite.[...]

PIW - XDR Services

Date: 28 February 2024 - 15:00 (1 Hour) Language: English Audience: Sales, Technology Level: Intermediate Registration: https://xpert.cisco.com/register/TC-010051?reqId=SS-014908[...]

PIW - Delivering secure, intelligent platforms with Cisco Secure and AWS

Date: 22 February 2024 - 15:00 (1 Hour) Language: English Audience: Sales, Technology Level: Intermediate [...]

PIW - Q3 New Product Introductions from Cisco NX

Cisco is always innovating, so we are excited to share with you the advancements and new products that will help you and your customers build scalable, simple and secure networks. [...]

PIW - Office Modernization

Remote working and usage of cloud are trends that are shaping the market and are re-defining the way we work. In order to attract and retain talent, we need to be able to offer employees a flexible and secure way of working.[...]

PIW - What's New in Success Tracks

Grow your business with Cisco's newly expanded Success Tracks Level 1 offer across more products and architectures. [...]

PIW - Cisco Live Announcement on FSO

This session will be an overview of the announcement around FSO which were made at cisco live EMEA. This will be a high level session , followed by deep dive in future sessions.[...]

PIW - Smart Agent with Cisco AppDynamics & Observability

This session will be an overview of the new simplified agent management with Smart Agent and how it can help accelerate time-to-value across new and existing deployments of Cisco AppDynamics & Observability portfolio.[...]

PIW - Accelerate infrastructure deployment with ACI 6

In this session you need to help Mango System. They are growing faster, and they need to be more agile to respond to their increasing business demand.[...]

PIW - Deploy Cisco Secure Access in YOUR network

Deploying Cisco Secure Access in your network has never been easier! [...]

PIW - SDWAN and SD Routing for Industrial


PIW - ACI Best Practices - Software Upgrade


PIW - ASR 9000 Easy ordering

This PIW shows how to order the various models and components of the ASR 9000 Product Router family, both fixed and modular. [...]

PIW - FlexPod for your Full-Stack AI

Learn how FlexPod AI helps organisations fine tune their GEN AI LLM and Computer vision models, along with inferencing use cases to help you build AI use cases like chatbots, knowledge management, object recognition and various inferencing use cases. [...]

PIW - Cisco SDWAN Automation with APIs

Date: 12 December 2023 - 15:00 (1 Hour) Language: English Audience: Sales, Technology Level: Intermediate [...]

PIW - Cisco+ Secure Connect - Unified SASE

Date: 7 December 2023 - 11:00 (1 Hour) Language: English Audience: Sales, Technology Level: Foundation[...]

PIW - AIML-Ready fabrics with Nexus 9000

Date: 5 December 2023 - 14:00 (1 Hour) Language: English Audience: Sales, Technology Level: Foundation [...]

PIW - Tech - Cisco Webex Privacy

Date: 23 November 2023 -14:00 (1 Hour) Language: English Audience: Sales, Technology Level: Intermediate [...]

PIW - Cisco IT AIops Module

Date: 21 November 2023 -15:00 (1 Hour) Language: English Audience: Sales, Technology Level: Intermediate [...]

PIW - Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN - Power of Integrations

Join us in this session where we will explore the power of the Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Integrations with solutions like Cisco ISE to gain insights and build Identity-based Firewall,[...]

PIW - Cisco Secure DDoS Edge Protection

As the threat of DDoS attacks grows, boosting DDoS defenses by backhauling network traffic to scrubbing centers is cost prohibitive and impedes the performance of low-latency applications.[...]

PIW - UCS X use cases

Implementing a hybrid or multicloud environment that operates at scale can be fraught with challenges. Building a successful hybrid cloud doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive and you don’t need to dive into the deep end to get started. [...]

PIW - Hybrid Work - Cisco’s Evolving Partner Ecosystem in EMA.

The Cisco Partner Ecosystem Program is flexibly structured around how you deliver value to customers. Participate in one or more roles—Integrator, Provider, Developer, and Advisor.[...]

PIW - Cisco Spaces Fundamentals

In this session, you will learn the fundamentals of how DNA Spaces can help customers digitize their buildings and make them safer, more innovative, and more sustainable by implementing use cases like: [...]

PIW - ACI Best Practice Series: Multi-Site - Part 1&2

Configuring ACI according to Cisco Best Practices is key for customer success.[...]

EMEA Collaboration Specialist Training - Harnessing the Power of Webex CC with Microsoft Teams

The session will commence with a review of PSTN connectivity and agent call delivery choices accessible within the Webex Contact Center.[...]

Avaya’s Future is Bright

Avaya’s CEO Alan Masarek and Global VP of Marketing Kim Howland explore the future of the company after turning the page from its financial restructuring....[...]

Приглашаем вас на мероприятие SUSE

Дата и время: 19 сентября 2023, 9:00 -16:00 Место: «SAAD Hotel Astana» (г.Астана, ул. Достык, 2, этаж 3, зал «Зайсан»). [...]

Министерство цифрового развития обеспечит интернетом казахстанские дороги

Министерство цифрового развития, инноваций и аэрокосмической промышленности планирует строительство цифровой инфраструктуры для покрытия мобильным Интернетом республиканских и областных автодорог.[...]

PIW - Cisco Lifecycle Incentives 2.0 Evolution Overview

The next phase of the Lifecycle Incentives transformation is focused on delivering a simplified and improved experience, and more earning opportunities for partners. [...]

PIW - Cisco Lifecycle Incentives 2.0 Evolution Overview

The next phase of the Lifecycle Incentives transformation is focused on delivering a simplified and improved experience, and more earning opportunities for partners.[...]

PIW - Winning with Cisco EN Routing

This session is tailored to help partner sellers meet customers in their infrastructure transformation with WAN modernization and position the routing impact for the customer.[...]

PIW - GTM - Monthly Webex Suite update 43.4

Join us in our re-occurring onthly session to deliver the updates across all things Webex Suite to enable & differentiate the offering.[...]

PIW - Cisco Security for AWS Cloud Environments

In this webinar we will introduce some of the key security challenges in AWS then see, through practical use cases, how Cisco Security could be positioned.[...]

PIW - FlashStack for the Future: Sustainability, Power consumption, joint Licensing, technical viewpoints, use cases

Cisco and Pure Storage jointly deliver FlashStack™, the converged infrastructure solution that brings Pure Data-Centric Architecture to your data center. What is the value with the new Cisco UCS-X Series?[...]

PIW - Sales - Re-open the door using MTR with Cisco Devices

Perfect your sales pitch for devices and know how to position the value of interoperability, open ecosystem and inclusive workspace experiences. Learn how to embrace the Beta Program.[...]

PIW - Offers & Tools to profitably accelerate your customers’ SSE journey

For partners, Cisco's offers with Umbrella and new third-party validation, provide you with unprecedented opportunity for your SASE/SSE projects![...]

PIW - Tech - EMU Secure Call - PCI Compliant

In this session you will learn about the Broadsource solution to enable PCI compliance across the Webex Calling Platform. With some compelling events just around the corner, this is not to be missed.[...]

PIW - Hybrid Work Sales - How to start Hybrid work Conversation

Want to know how to engage & drive conversation about Hybrid Work. Want to know the key question to identify Customer needs and deal with objections ? That's the session you need to attend.[...]

#30'IOT: IR1101, All you need to know

Come and learn the latest & greatest information related to IR1101 - Overview[...]

PIW - The new Hybrid Work Portfolio in EA 3.0

Join us to learn more about the newest portfolio exclusively available within EA 3.0.[...]

PIW - Let's Collaborate-Sales-Introduction to device meeting, new feature

In this session we're going to discuss the device meeting feature that has recently been released with Room OS 11 for cloud registered devices[...]

PIW - Zero Trust with multi-cloud delivered ISE & new SNS-3700 Appliances

While the world is recovering from Covid-19, employees are getting back to work, fully or hybrid, it is critical to have the flexibility to deal with new threats and changes in business requirements. [...]

PIW - Enterprise Agreement Workspace - Smart accounts and license consumption

Join us to learn more about the Enterprise Agreement Workspace, our enterprise-wide software license management and provisioning tool.[...]

PIW - Accelerate the adoption of Cisco Secure solutions with Cisco Capital

In a recent Cisco internal Advocacy survey, 40% of the respondents declared that even with an allocated budget for security, they find it hard to prioritize and keep up with unexpected spending.[...]

PIW - Cisco SD-WAN Viptela 17.10/20.10 What’s New

This session is design to give you a summary of the major enhancements added with the 17.10/20.10 Cisco SD-WAN Viptela release on areas like UX 2.0, Security, Cloud Networking and Core & Services.[...]

PIW - Cloud Migrations at Ease with AppDynamics

For companies that undertake the process of cloud migration[...]

PIW - Cisco SASE - Explore your SASE Journey!

Explore Cisco SASE solutions and see the benefits of a SASE model unlocked[...]

Cisco and Bank of America Securities to Host Internet for the Future Tech Talk

Cisco will host a Tech Talk with Bank of America Securities to discuss Cisco’s latest innovations to help our customers and partners deliver 5G and Wi-Fi experiences to connect everything, everywhere.[...]

PIW - HyperFlex announcement and M7 Overview

Join this session to understand on what technologies, products, design guides the Cisco Hybrid work corss-Architecture offer relies on.[...]

PIW - Let's Collaborate - Sales - How to succeed in the Market with Webex

In this session we will equip you, your sales, and pre-sales teams with all the knowledge you need to succeed in the market Our experts will share insights on various topics such as Webex Portfolio Updates, Partner Programs, Competitive Sales Plays, Win With Webex Success Stories etc.[...]

PIW - Hybrid Work - Tech - Cisco Hybrid Work technology Deep dive

Join this session to understand on what technologies, products, design guides the Cisco Hybrid work cross-Architecture offer relies on.[...]

PIW - Security Incentives Unleashed – Partner Profitability and Use Cases

Review and update on all Security Promotions for Partners, including Connect & Protect, One Year on Us and more.[...]

PIW - Let's Collaborate - GTM - Webex Suite Monthly Update 43.11

Nobody wants to be the last to know...join us for this session to get your monthly dose of all updates to the Webex Suite Portfolio, led by our technical experts![...]

PIW - Let's Collaborate - Tech - Improve Workspace Experience & Management with UMA

But hybrid working is not a one-size-fits all solution. That is why many companies are adopting software to help manage a safe, smart, and secure working environment for all their staff.[...]

POE - How to set up your Virtual accounts and use the Smart License to benefit your company

Setting up your Smart Account is the first step to using Cisco Smart Licensing, our flexible software licensing method that simplifies the way you activate and manage licenses across your organization. [...]

PIW - Let's Collaborate - Tech - Meeting

Join this session to learn about two great additions to Webex Meetings: the VR/business Metaverse via the 3DFrame integration and NDI.[...]

PIW - Nexus Dashboard Insight 6.1 Innovations

Nexus Cloud is the simplest way to deploy, manage and operate your Cisco Nexus network from the cloud.[...]

PIW - NEW Hybrid Cloud Specialization

This session is intended for Sales & Technical roles,alliance managers and leaders[...]

PIW - UCS-X update and sustainability

We will talk about news onUCS X-Series, the business momentum and the competitive landscape.[...]

PIW - Prime to Cisco DNA Center

Please join us to learn how and why we are migrating our customers from Cisco Prime Infrastructure to Cisco DNA[...]

PIW - Catalyst Wireless Sustainability

Now more than ever, network administrators are being asked how they can help their organization reduce energy use and help to meet sustainability goals.[...]

The Safe SMB – Protect your assets

SMB Experiences is a series of four webinars where we will look at the business needs for a Hybrid Work experience.[...]

PIW - Modernizing Roadways & Intersections with Cisco IoT

While your transportation customers are in different phases on their journey to modern connectivity, they all have one thing in common: [...]

PIW - Let's Collaborate - Sales - WebexOne Redelivery

Not able to attend WebexOne ? No Worry..Join us to have in less than an Hour, all the Key messages and Major announcements delivered during this Key Collaboration Event[...]

PIW - Let's Collaborate - Sales - Hybrid Work Update after WebexOne

Discover all aspect of Hybrid Work reveal during the WebexOne Major Event, Microsoft Teams integration, New Cisco devices, and more to engage with customer on this Key discussion[...]

PIW - Kenna Security & and Risk-Based XDR

In this interactive session you will learn about Kenna Security and how it fits into the XDR portfolio of Cisco products.[...]

PIW - Partner Summit CX recap


PIW - Meraki API Adoption

APIs are the key to the added value to our customers and we would like to provide an easy way to start your API journey[...]

#30'MIG - Private 5G, All you need to know

#30'MIG sessions are for all Cisco & Channel Partner Sales and Pre-Sales individuals. Come and learn the latest & greatest information related to Private 5G.[...]

PIW - Black Belt Partner Academy - What’s New in FY23

To keep the content fresh and give a better experience to learners, Black Belt Academy refreshes the content Annually.[...]

PIW - Increase your Margins with Cisco Security

A high level review on the promotions and the back end rebates available. Our goal is to provide simplicity and Profitability to the partners.[...]

PIW - Nexus Dashboard Insight 6.1 Innovations

We try to keep a great pace of releases for our Data Center flagship day-2 operational tool -Cisco Nexus Dashboard Insights (NDI)[...]

PIW - How Cisco enables Zero Trust Security

Join this session to learn about how we have evolved Cisco's Zero Trust story to meet customers where they are.[...]

PIW - Let's Collaborate - Adopt - Life Cycle Framework

Help customers achieve their desired outcomes with our Hybrid Work program. Leverage data driven digital assets and a new QBR deck to shift the conversation from features to value.[...]

PIW - Hyperflex Update and Competitive positioning

Update on the latest enhancements around Hyperflex. Focus on addressing typical sales barriers and objections including competitive scenario [...]

PIW - Let's Collaborate - Tech - What's New about Webex Event

Welcome to the Event. In this session we will take you through the journey of Webex Events & what can be delivered by our new hybrid events platform.[...]

PIW - What’s new in Cisco ACI 6.0?

We did it again! As we keep our release cadence, ACI 6.0 is now available.[...]

PIW - Cisco DNA Center

Please join this session to learn about the latest on Cisco DNA Center[...]

PIW - Let's Collaborate - GTM - Webex Calling & CC Update

Date: September 22, 2022 - 11:00 (1 Hour) [...]

PIW - Cisco EA Pay

Join us and find out how Cisco Enterprise Agreement Pay[...]

PIW - What’s new with the Security Analytics portfolio

Come join us, hear from Daniel Tulen on what’s new with Secure Network Analytics and Secure Cloud Analytics. We then have Habib Hussein taking on the last 30 minutes talking about crossing into the CAASM with the Secure cloud insights tool, no security engineer can live without.[...]

PIW - ThousandEyes - Cross Architecture Plays

ThousandEyes is a cross-architectural play. In this session we will show where the assets are that will help our partners better understand where ThousandEyes can become a part of their Services for Application component and Network monitoring.[...]

PIW - Cisco ACI and AlgoSec Security Management

During this session, we will go through two significant changes to Cisco’s service booking policy that was implemented in August related to Last Product Ship and Service Attach for Non-standard deals: old vs new process and operational implications.[...]

PIW - Let's Collaborate - SALES - Webex Calling Vs Microsoft Phone System

Date: June 27, 2022 - 14:00 (1 Hour) Language: English Audience: Business Architect, Sales, Pre Sales, Lifecycle & Adoption Level: Intermediate[...]

PIW - Cisco's 2022 Partner Innovation Challenge

Date: June 1, 2022 - 10:30 (1 Hour) Language: English Audience: Sales, Pre Sales Level: Intermediate[...]

PIW - Let's Collaborate - GTM - GTM Campaign Update & Event Overview.

Date: May 31, 2022 - 11:00 (1 Hour) Language: English Audience: Business Architect, Sales, Pre Sales, Marketing, Lifecycle & Adoption Level: Intermediate[...]

PIW - Flexible Payment Solutions for Managed Services

Date: May 26, 2022 - 14:00 (1 Hour) Language: English Audience: Sales, Pre Sales Level: Foundation[...]

PIW - Smart Bonding - Open Office

Date: May 25, 2022 - 15:00 (1 Hour) Language: English Audience: Sales, Lifecycle & Adoption Level: Intermediate[...]

ThousandEyes: решение для интеллектуального мониторинга в Интернете

ThousandEyes обеспечивает видимость производительности приложений относительно того, как сеть, включая Интернет, влияет на их работу, и помогает оперативно обнаружить источник проблем.[...]

Информационная безопасность

Модель безопасности с нулевым доверием – сегодня и в будущем[...]

IOT(Интернет вещей)

Новинки индустриальной линейки и решений Cisco IoT[...]

Совместная работа

Проведение корпоративных конференций и трансляций с использованием Cisco Webex Events и Cisco Webex[...]

Сообщество CISCO

SecureX: от оперативного информирования до оперативной реакции[...]

Информационная безопасность

Cisco SASE – полнофункциональное решение по обеспечению сервисов информационной безопасности[...]

Сообщество CISCO

Гиперконвергенция и классическая система хранения iSCSI, NVMe, Optane - все новинки ЦОД в одном устройстве Cisco HyperFlex[...]

Корпоративные сети

SDN для корпоративных сетей – 10 способов выбрать неподходящую технологию[...]

Securing Application Access with F5 NGINX and Okta's Risk Ecosystem API

As customer interactions become digital and workers expect seamless access to their employers’ systems, the range of attack vectors is increasing and threat actors have a wider attack surface to target.[...]

Security for Your CDN Powered by Amazon CloudFront and F5

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is an important component of a company's digital presence. In order to adapt to changing business conditions and operating environments, creating a globally secure and scalable network is crucial.[...]

SUSE Round-Up: Будущее Linux

Приглашаем на вебинар «SUSE Round-Up: Будущее Linux»[...]

PIW - Обзор заявленных новинок Webex 41.7 и обновления для видеосистем Webex

Приглашаем Вас принять участие в виртуальном семинаре для партнеров Cisco.[...]

Обзор портфолио NGINX

На сессии мы подробно расскажем о каждом продукте, предназначенном для DevOps и DevSecOps команд, его сильных сторонах.[...]

PIW - Обзор заявленных новинок Webex 41.6 и обновления для видеосистем Webex

Приглашаем Вас принять участие в виртуальном семинаре для партнеров Cisco.[...]

Открыта регистрация на онлайн-мероприятия в июне!

На наших традиционных ежемесячных сериях вебинаров мы говорим о новинках компании, новостях обновлений, лучших практиках использования.[...]

Modernising and Securing Your API Architecture

With the API market growing and evolving fast, apps and APIs are increasingly under attack. [...]

Rancher Virtual Rodeo

Приглашаем Вас на Rancher Virtual Rodeo![...]

Open Banking: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities

Open banking can change the game for financial services and empower consumers like never before. [...]

Приглашение на виртуальное мероприятие клуба Jabra

Приглашаем вас принять участие в виртуальном мероприятии клуба Jabra для партнеров 20 мая 2021 года![...]

Susecon digital

Регистрация на SUSECON уже открыта![...]

Вебинар Jabra Evolve 2 30

Представляем новую гарнитуру Jabra Evolve2 30[...]

Компания SUSE СНГ приглашает Вас на вебинар: "Обзор решений компании SUSE"

Компания SUSE СНГ приглашает Вас на вебинар: "Обзор решений компании SUSE"[...]

Session 7: Hierarchical EVPN for Scaling and DCI

In today’s data centre, EVPN with VXLAN encapsulation (RFC 8364) has become the standards based approach for delivering VPN services across a shared leaf-spine IP infrastructure.[...]

Rancher Virtual Rodeo

Присоединяйтесь к нам на интерактивном онлайн-семинаре и получите основные навыки, необходимые для развертывания высокодоступных, хорошо контролируемых и безопасных кластеров Kubernetes с использованием Rancher.[...]

Управление ИТ-инфраструктурой с SUSE Manager

Особенности SUSE Manager - лидирующего в классе открытого решения по управлению инфраструктурой Linux[...]

PIW - Развитие семейства SAN коммутаторов Cisco MDS 9000 и решений Cisco для SAN аналитики

Приглашаем Вас принять участие в виртуальном семинаре для партнеров Cisco. [...]

Introducing the Edge 2.0 Architecture

Delivering rich digital experiences to your clients requires a combination of multiple networks, clouds, CDNs, and edges that are manually stitched together. [...]

Making 5G a Success with Kubernetes – All the Way to the Edge

5G networks are leveraging many of the concepts successfully used by the largest websites on the planet, including a containerised, microservices architecture orchestrated with Kubernetes. [...]

Improving Security and Reducing Friction with Intelligent Device Identification

Understanding the devices interacting with your website brings with it tremendous benefits.[...]

PIW - Маршрутизаторы Cisco Catalyst 8000 – старт продаж в России.

Данный семинар является частью программы виртуальных семинаров для партнеров Cisco – Partner Interactive Webinars (PIW).[...]

F5 Solutions Day

Мы рады пригласить на наше ежегодное мероприятие F5 Solutions Day, которое в этом году пройдет в виртуальном формате.[...]

PIW - Развитие набора решений Cisco Stealthwatch: SWE 7.3.1, Security Analytics and Logging, Stealthwatch Cloud

Приглашаем Вас принять участие в виртуальном семинаре для партнеров Cisco. [...]

"SUSE Linux Enterprise Server - рекомендованная ОС для SAP"

Компания SUSE СНГ приглашает Вас на вебинар. [...]

Choosing the Right WAF Deployment Model

Are you planning to refresh your current WAF solution?[...]

Приобретение подписок на продукты и сервисы Cisco Collaboration по партнерской программе NFR

Приглашаем Вас принять участие в виртуальном семинаре для партнеров Cisco.[...]

PIW - Новые возможности Cisco HyperFlex 4.5

Данный семинар является частью программы виртуальных семинаров для партнеров Cisco – Partner Interactive Webinars (PIW).[...]

Эксклюзивный тренинг для Партнёров Cisco

Команда Cisco Services при поддержке компании CompTek приглашают принять участие в тренинге по управлению продажами и работе с возражениями при заключении сделок и продлении контрактов на Smart Net Total Care от Cisco.[...]

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

Вебинар будет посвящен обновленной версии SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP2, вышедшей летом этого года.[...]

Migrate, Scale, and Secure Your OpenShift Kubernetes Deployments with F5 and Red Hat

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is the leading private Kubernetes offering with over 1400 customers.[...]

Управление инфраструктурой с SUSE Manager

Представляем SUSE Manager - лидирующее в классе открытое решение по управлению и автоматизации программно-определяемой ИТ-инфраструктуры на базе Linux.[...]

PIW - Cisco SD-Access, SD-WAN – что и как влияет на выбор оптимального дизайна сети?

Вебинар посвящен разбору нюансов и особенностей, о которых следует знать при планировании и внедрении технологий Cisco SD-WAN и Cisco SD-Access.[...]

Как обрести полную прозрачность и аналитику вашего портфолио приложений

Глубокое понимание приложений и сопутствующая аналитика помогут максимизировать их ценность для Вашего бизнеса и Ваших клиентом. [...]

PIW - ACI 5.0 – что нового?

В рамках сессии поговорим о новых возможностях релиза ACI 5.0, который стал доступен в мае 2020 года.[...]

Вебинар от Jabra и CompTek CA - Позитивный кризис

Компания Jabra предлагает поговорить на тему позитивного кризиса и обсудить ключевые изменения, которые произошли в компании в текущее непростое время.[...]

Stealthwatch Enterprise, Stealthwatch Cloud и Tetration

В рамках сессии мы рассмотрим назначение, позиционирование, правила заказа и примеры использования трех взаимодополняющих решений.[...]

PIW – My devices

Приглашаем Вас принять участие в виртуальном семинаре для партнеров Cisco. Данный семинар рассчитан на сервисных, системных инженеров в компаниях-партнерах.[...]

SUSE Cloud Application Platform

Вебинар будет посвящен SUSE Cloud Application Platform – решению, автоматизирующему создание и развертывания контейнерного приложения из исходного кода.[...]

Arista Campus Builders

Please join us for our Arista Campus Builders virtual event on 17 June, jointly hosted by Arista and Forescout.[...]

PIW – Маршрутизаторы Cisco ISR 1000 – компактность, универсальность, производительность, доступность

Приглашаем Вас принять участие в виртуальном семинаре для партнеров Cisco.[...]

Arista Technology Series

This is a reminder that;Arista Technology Series: Designing and Deploying EVPN VxLAN Networks; will begin in 1 week.[...]

Cisco Connect Online

9, 11, 15-18 июня состоится виртуальная конференция Cisco Connect Online.[...]

PIW – WiFi6 и все все все: обзор новинок беспроводных сетей от Cisco

Приглашаем Вас принять участие в виртуальном семинаре для партнеров Cisco. Данный семинар рассчитан на технических специалистов компаний-партнеров Cisco.[...]

Обзор smart-решений Cisco: от «умного здания» до «умных городов»

Обзор smart-решений Cisco: от «умного здания» до «умных городов».[...]

Новости и планы развития решений Cisco для построения контейнерной инфраструктуры

В рамках данной сессии мы рассмотрим новые возможности, доступные в продуктах Cisco Container Platform, Cisco ACI, и планы по развитию продукта Cisco HyperFlex Application Platform.[...]

Как бороться с современными e-mail угрозами с помощью Cisco Email Security и новой версией Cisco AsyncOS 13.5.

Новая версия Email Security 13.5 -- это новые возмоночти для для защиты электронной почты.[...]

SUSE CaaS Platform

28 мая 2020 года компания SUSE СНГ приглашает Вас принять участие в вебинаре: "SUSE CaaS Platform"[...]

Механизмы эффективного взаимодействия с Cisco TAC

В рамках семинара мы поговорим о сервисе базовой технической поддержки Cisco, процессах и процедурах.[...]

Главные новости корпоративной маршрутизации Cisco для WAN и SD-WANsco

Развитие аппаратных платформ для маршрутизации самой младшей и самой старшей серий - Cisco ISR 1000 и Cisco ASR 1000 соответственно...[...]

Мульти-доменная архитектура Cisco – взгляд со стороны ЦОД

В рамках сессии мы рассмотрим вопросы интеграции SD-Access, SD-WAN и ACI, сделав фокус на решения для Центров Обработки Данных.[...]

Как мониторить безопасность и защищать приложения в частных и публичных облаках?

В рамках этого семинара мы обсудим использование продуктов Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud и Cisco Tetration для анализа использования приложения в частных и публичных облаках.[...]

Вебинар F5 Networks: Что нужно от прокси в 2020 году, и как мы это сделали.

Как развиваются технологии NGINX под крылом F5 Networks?[...]

Все самое важное о новинках корпоративной коммутации Cisco

Среди ключевых анонсов выпуск новых аппаратных платформ и моделей серии Cisco Catalyst, множество новых возможностей экосистемы и технологий Cisco DNA/SDA версий 1.3.3...[...]

Ежегодная глобальная конференция SUSECON Digital 2020

Вы получите необходимые инструменты, навыки и уникальную информацию, которая поможет вам модернизировать и усовершенствовать ваш бизнес.[...]

Премиальная экспертная поддержка Cisco Expert Care

В рамках семинара проведем обзор премиальной технической поддержки Expert Care.[...]

Беспроводные решения на базе MPLS для критически важных приложений на железной дороге, в горнодобывающей промышленности, портах и на промышленных объектах

Fluidmesh Network разработала инновационное решение индустриального класса. [...]

Edge computing от Cisco – решение Cisco Edge Intelligence. Возможности и практика использования технологии Cisco IOx.

В презентации будет представлена технология IOx для размещения приложений на сетевом оборудовании Cisco[...]

Технологии сетей хранения Cisco сегодняшнего и завтрашнего дня

В рамках вебинара мы расскажем про то, как развиваются технологии сетей хранения, и про оборудование Cisco для их построения.[...]

Новые версии программного обеспечения Cisco ASA 9.14 и FTD 6.6, а также сценарии их использования в облачных внедрениях.

В начале апреля вышли новые версии программного обеспечения как для классических межсетевых экранов, так и для межсетевых экранов нового поколения.[...]

WiFi6 и все-все-все: обзор новинок беспроводных сетей от Cisco

В рамках данной сессии мы расскажем обо всем новом, что появилось в мире беспроводных сетей Cisco за последние полгода.[...]

Cisco Webex Events

На вебинаре мы разберем, чем Webex Events отличается от Webex Meetings.[...]

Учитесь и развивайтесь вместе с экспертами Cisco

Открыта регистрация на мероприятия с 27.04 по 30.04.[...]

Приглашаем Вас на вебинар: SUSE Manager

Вебинар посвящен SUSE Manager версии 4 - системе управления Linux-инфраструктурой.[...]

Cisco TechTalks

Решения для организации безопасной удаленной работы[...]

Онлайн-саммит Dell Technologies Harness Your Digital Future

Приглашаем принять участие в онлайн-саммите Dell Technologies[...]

Приглашаем Вас на вебинар: Открытые и надежные решения для цифровой эпохи

В ходе вебинара мы расскажем о наиболее актуальных разработках, позволяющих создать надёжную и гибкую инфраструктуру.[...]

Приглашаем Вас на вебинар: SUSE Enterprise Storage

Мы расскажем о преимуществах использования технологии Ceph.[...]

Приглашаем на вебинар: Мониторы и дисплеи. Решение для переговорных комнат.

Узнайте о последних продуктовых обновлениях в модельном ряду мониторов дисплеев и периферийного оборудования Dell Technologies.[...]

Приглашаем на вебинар: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications

Вебинар будет посвящен основным возможностям SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications.[...]

Приглашаем на вебинар: SUSE Cloud Application Platform

В ходе вебинара будут рассмотрены основные возможности SUSE Cloud Application Platform. [...]

Приглашаем Вас на вебинар: SUSE CaaS Platform

Вебинар посвящен возможностям SUSE CaaS Platform.[...]


12 Ноября 2019г. состоится мастер-класс «Искусство делового этикета или как продать себя дорого».[...]

Приглашаем Вас на вебинар: "SUSE Manager for Retail 4.0"

Компания SUSE СНГ приглашает Вас принять участие в вебинаре: SUSE Manager for Retail 4.0[...]

Партнерское мероприятие Cisco и CompTek CA

22 Октября 2019г. - Cisco Business Meeting Shymkent 2019[...]

Cisco совершенствует защиту оконечных устройств и электронной почты.

Cisco анонсировала новые сервисы защиты электронной почты для более эффективного предотвращения фишинговых и спуфинговых атак[...]