PIW - ACI Best Practice Series: Multi-Site - Part 1&2
Configuring ACI according to Cisco Best Practices is key for customer success. Not doing so can lead to having issues and ultimately having a poor customer experience and dissatisfaction. This Best Practices Series will explain in detail the most important Best Practices any customer should follow, and clarify the concepts that are often misunderstood or complex for our customers. Regardless if your customer is facing a new Cisco ACI deployment or they have it already in production, understanding these best practices is the best way to reduce the risk of facing issues in the future. Into this episode we will uncover all the important things you must be aware of when implementing Multi-Site. We will start from Nexus Dashboard and Nexus Dashboard Orchestrator deployment best practices and then slowly make our way through the most important NDO configuration options including the ISN deployment.
Date: 24-окт-2023 03:00 PM CEST (1.5 Hours)
Language: English
Audience: Sales, Technology
Level: Intermediate
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