PIW - Cisco Secure DDoS Edge Protection
As the threat of DDoS attacks grows, boosting DDoS defenses by backhauling network traffic to scrubbing centers is cost prohibitive and impedes the performance of low-latency applications. Cisco Secure DDoS Edge Protection is the industry’s first true on-box DDoS protection solution, integrating DDoS detection and mitigation with select Cisco IOS-XR routers to establish the network edge as a first line of defense against DDoS attacks. Join this session to learn more about this unique solution and how this enhances both your security portfolio and differentiates the Cisco router value to your customers.
Date: 16 November 2023 -14:00 (1 Hour)
Language: English
Audience: Sales, Technology
Level: Intermediate
Registration: https://xpert.cisco.com/register/TC-009729?reqId=SS-013643