PIW - Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN - Power of Integrations
Join us in this session where we will explore the power of the Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Integrations with solutions like Cisco ISE to gain insights and build Identity-based Firewall, Splunk to enable visualization and analysis of the security and connection-related logs generated from SD-WAN, Microsoft Sentinel for visibility on attack detection, threats, proactive hunting, and threat response, and integrations with 3rd party SSEs to meet customers where there are in their networking security path. All of this with demos showcasing the integrations and outcome.
Date: 21 November 2023 -15:00 (1 Hour)
Language: English
Audience: Sales, Technology
Level: Intermediate
Registration: https://xpert.cisco.com/register/TC-009729?reqId=SS-013632