8 февраля 2023

CompTek CA: Preview of Cisco Full-Stack Observability Platform

Industry-first business risk observability and comprehensive security enhancements highlighted at Cisco Live EMEA in Amsterdam

CISCO LIVE EMEA, AMSTERDAM — February 7, 2023 — Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) will provide a tech preview of the Cisco Full-Stack Observability Platform, which is slated for general availability in June of this year, this week at Cisco Live EMEA. Cisco Live EMEA is an annual, premier destination for Cisco customers and partners to gain knowledge and to build community.

Cisco Full-Stack Observability allows teams to bring together telemetry data from their own context, and drive correlated insights across the entire IT estate, whether they are DevOps engineers, site reliability engineers (SREs), Cloud Ops, ITOps, line of business or members of the c-suite. Performance impact and experience tracing can be seen through the lens of network issues and security vulnerabilities. Moreover, AI-driven root cause analysis can be viewed in any type of infrastructure and any multi-cloud configuration. Analysis is then tied to business context so teams can identify, prioritize, resolve and even predict issues before they impact the end user and business.

Traditional monitoring provides visibility limited to the operational domain level such as the network, infrastructure, security, applications or cloud. To deliver the best digital experiences, combined visibility and insights across different teams is required. Cisco Full-Stack Observability brings together the widest set of telemetry data in the industry — metrics, events, logs, and traces or ‘MELT’, driven by OpenTelemetry — that comes from the broad portfolio of powerful Cisco capabilities as well as an ecosystem of partners and open source tools.

OpenTelemetry, an open source observability framework, has made it possible to normalize ingestion of data in near real-time or real time. OpenTelemetry offers vendor-neutral APIs, and other tools for collecting data from cloud-native and third-party applications and supporting infrastructure to understand performance and threats. Cisco is among the leading contributors to the OpenTelemetry project.

Built to address massive scale and performance, the Cisco Full-Stack Observability Platform allows organizations to spawn an application ecosystem built on an open, extensible architecture. It enables new and custom use cases by enriching capabilities, extending Full-Stack Observability services and creating value-added solutions including tools for augmenting business processes. Unlike data lakes, Cisco Full-Stack Observability is driven by use cases and business context that are directly calibrated to specific business outcomes rather than simply querying data itself.

An example is the ability to integrate business transactions and correlate with IT signals, a differentiated capability from Cisco AppDynamics, now a foundational element of the Cisco Full-Stack Observability Platform.
CompTek CA: “Organizations demand more integration points to understand what potential problems and vulnerabilities exist and how to fix them before they impact the company and send customers looking for a better experience somewhere else,” said Liz Centoni, EVP, Chief Strategy Officer, and GM, Applications. “Cisco Full-Stack Observability delivers insights with real business context—that’s critical in a world where ‘experience’ is the new KPI.”

Cisco has also announced enhancements of the Cisco Full-Stack Observability application security solution. Available now, Business Risk Observability provides a business risk scoring solution that brings together Kenna Risk Meter score distribution and Business Transactions from Cisco AppDynamics, and also integrates with Panoptica for API security and Talos for threat intelligence.

Moreover, a deeper bi-directional integration between Cisco AppDynamics and Cisco ThousandEyes, which supports Customer Digital Experience Monitoring, offering correlation of business issues across application transactions and their dependencies, end-user experiences, the network path and internet routing, will be released in April 2023.

Источник: https://newsroom.cisco.com