31 октября 2023

Ruijie - RG-MUX(C)-24LC/LC
Simplified Optical Ethernet Switches

Expansion Module of RG-MUX Series 24-Port Transparent Distribution Device
Used in Simplified Optical Ethernet solution to make distribution nodes passive and provide exclusive Gigabit/10G bandwidth for Fiber-to-The-Room (FTTR)Highlight Features
⭕ The expansion module of the 24-port transparent distribution device can be used in combination with the building-side combiner. It uses three WDM fibers for transmission, which effectively reduces trunk optical fibers required in buildings.
⭕ The unique colored optical technology is used to provide exclusive Gigabit/10G bandwidth for indoor use, which meets network requirements.
⭕ The all-optical network involves only passive devices, exempting ELV rooms from O&M management and making distribution nodes passive completely.
⭕ The modular expansion module is easy to fix and install.