3 ноября 2023

Webex by Cisco Announces AI-Powered Solutions to Empower Contact Center Agent Potential and Reduce Burnout

Stress and burnout are common in the workplace, and even more so within contact center employees. In fact, a study found agent turnover is twice that of any other profession and that burnout causes 50% of agent turnover within contact centers. This costs businesses with 100 agents $4.8M each year on average. To combat this, Webex by Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO), a leading provider of collaboration and contact center technologies powering hybrid work and customer experience, today announced new AI-powered capabilities in Webex Contact Center. These new capabilities aim to help improve agent well-being and productivity, resulting in exceptional customer experiences.
“At Webex, we are embracing agent wellness as a core value to contribute to a more compassionate, inclusive and progressive business culture,” said Jeetu Patel, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Security and Collaboration, Cisco. “Our commitment to nurturing the well-being of agents means that businesses can build a foundation for growth, empower innovation and provide exceptional experiences to their customers.”
Purpose-Built AI in Webex Contact Center Helps Agents and Customers  
For over two decades, Webex has provided contact center solutions that power the customer service function of some of the world’s largest customer-centric brands. Within Webex Contact Center, new AI-powered capabilities that aim to improve agent well-being and productivity, while simultaneously improving customer experiences, will include:
⭕ AI-powered agent burnout detection allows businesses to proactively address agent well-being by enabling automated breaks, such as a Thrive Reset, and real-time coaching after challenging customer interactions.
⭕ Suggested responses uses generative AI to automatically suggest responses to increase agent productivity when responding to customer inquiries on digital channels.
⭕ Conversation summaries and wrap-ups provide agents with a clear summarization of issues and resolutions already explored via self-service and a summary of the call or chat to both the agent and customer once it ends. Agent wrap ups automatically generate wrap up codes and actions following every customer interaction, eliminating an average of five minutes for the agent.
⭕ Coaching highlights generates a dashboard for supervisors showing highest and lowest customer-rated interactions. It then automatically summarizes the interactions with the best ratings and provides supervisors with coaching tips based on those findings to train fellow employees. Conversely, highlights from the lowest-rated interactions are captured to then coach lower-performing agents to foster improvement across the board.
Introducing Webex Customer Experience Essentials  
Great customer experiences are essential for businesses of all sizes. As employees beyond the contact center become increasingly critical to resolve customer needs, organizations are challenged with how to connect these answer-holding employees to the customer experience journey. Also critical is ensuring every interaction is exceptional and personalized. To help solve this, Webex is introducing Webex Customer Experience Essentials to help employees throughout the organization deliver the best possible customer experience. Webex Customer Experience Essentials brings the core fundamental capabilities of the Webex Contact Center to Webex Calling users, enabling:
Employees outside the contact center to become specialized agents, leading to faster issue resolution and improved customer satisfaction (removing the potential need for a call back)
A better understanding of customer issues that need escalation outside of the contact center
A streamlined contextual engagement from back-office employees during issue escalation
Webex Customer Experience Essentials is designed specifically for customer service-oriented industries and is available for purchase for Webex Calling users.