9 января 2024

Top cyber threats, from 2023 and beyond
Threat analyst Dave Liebenberg on the Cisco Talos Year in Review and how organizations can stay protected in 2024.

Cisco Talos is one of the largest and most effective threat intelligence organizations in the world. And their Talos Year in Review speaks volumes about the current trends and future threats defenders can expect to see in the coming year.
To learn more about this year’s report, and what organizations can do to counter what’s coming, we spoke with David Liebenberg, head of Strategic Analysis for Cisco Talos.
Thank you, Dave! Maybe we could start with a quick overview of Cisco Talos, and your role there.
Thanks, Kevin. As part of Talos, I contribute to Cisco's threat intelligence work. Talos’s work includes protecting customers from threats, discovering vulnerabilities, and going out and interdicting adversaries. Within Talos, I run a group called Strategic Analysis. We analyze the most impactful adversaries and trends in the threat landscape. And we produce a number of internal and external intelligence products, Including the Year in Review.
⭕ What are the goals of the Talos Year in Review?
⭕ Once again, ransomware emerged as a major threat this year. What are some key trends in ransomware?
⭕ Extortion emerged as a bigger threat in 2023. Could you explain that trend?
⭕ Which initial access vectors were exploited most in 2023?
⭕ To what extent are older infrastructures being targeted and exploited?
⭕ They like to exploit low-hanging fruit, don’t they?
⭕ What responsibility do individual workers or company cultures have?
⭕ What are some key measures that those security experts should recommend?
⭕ Gen AI is playing in increasing role in things like social engineering attacks. And it’s also enabling new defenses. What is the state of the AI arms race?
⭕ Any additional predictions for 2024?
⭕ Given all that, are you optimistic about 2024?

The answers to these questions are only here https://newsroom.cisco.com/c/r/newsroom/en/us/a/y2024/m01/top-cyber-threats-from-23-and-beyond.html