12 января 2024

How Cisco innovations drive the consumer electronic revolution
From networking and security to AI and sustainability, Cisco is the backbone of our digitized lives.

Having a seamless, secure experience on any device anytime, anywhere? Cisco’s very likely behind it — on multiple levels and often behind the scenes, in everything from networking and security to AI and collaboration.
As Cisco CIO Fletcher Previn has said, “Almost every packet on the internet is moving through Cisco equipment.”
So, as thousands descend on Las Vegas this week for the annual Consumer Electronics Show, it’s good to remember that Cisco solutions are built into our hyperconnected lives in often invisible, yet critical ways. Because Cisco is making the connected world a much more efficient and secure place, while supporting much of the amazing innovation at CES.
Let’s look at four essential areas where Cisco innovations are impacting our lives: artificial intelligence, security, transportation, and sustainability.
For AI to work effectively, it needs… AI
In 2023, AI advanced rapidly, as consumers took to Generative AI in a big way. All as other AI applications delivered greater efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity across industries and in our day-to-day lives.
At the same time, AI is taking cloud traffic to the next level. Networks need to be ready.
That’s where Cisco comes in.
“There’s nobody better at moving data around than Cisco,” said Jonathan Davidson, EVP and general manager of Cisco Networking.
As networks get larger and handle more complex tasks, IT can use AI to help manage the spiraling demands. AI can also make their systems simpler to operate. The net effect is networks that are more secure, stable, and scalable. This is the idea behind Cisco Networking Cloud.
“We are simplifying networking everywhere for every customer at every scale,” Davidson stressed in a Cisco Partner Summit keynote last year. “We are converging our management platforms with the Cisco Networking Cloud, which is our vision for both on-premises as well as cloud-operating models. This is going to help you manage your customer's Cisco networking infrastructure products from one place, and help them to deliver secure, simple, predictable experiences to all of their end users.”
It all boils down to a great experience — both for Cisco’s customers managing complex networking environments, and for their customers, consumers using increasingly sophisticated electronics in myriad ways.
AI also raises concerns for consumers. This powerful technology needs to be used responsibly and ethically, so that it does not erode privacy or human rights. With its Responsible AI Framework, Cisco is an industry leader in ethical AI, with clear guidelines that any organization can adopt.
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