14 февраля 2024

How Cisco, together with Apple, is tackling the next frontier of hybrid work — spatial computing

Apple is the marquee example of a great company that disrupts itself and others in the market. Two weeks ago marked the 40th anniversary of the Mac. Consider how the launch of the original Mac not only reinvented how we work with computers, but changed how software was written. Now, with the launch of Apple Vision Pro, Apple is on the brink of reinventing personal electronics yet again, marking the next frontier of collaboration with spatial computing.
From the moment I first met with Apple to talk about the Vision Pro and see it firsthand, I was impressed by its potential to disrupt how we work. It is only natural that the next step in our decade-long partnership is bringing Webex to this breakthrough device.
Webex on Apple Vision Pro: A Singular, Unique Experience
Apple and Cisco have always shared an obsession of putting user experience in terms of great product design at the center of everything we do, and this extension to our partnership is no different. Today we announced Webex for Apple Vision Pro. This marks another step in our ongoing commitment to provide the best possible experiences for customers on Apple devices and offer the utmost flexibility in when, where and how people work.
At Cisco, we relentlessly pursue design excellence without exception. It is a sign of respect and a reason so many of our customers continue to invest in our products. Once you experience Webex on Apple Vision Pro, you will see this commitment come through once again. I am incredibly proud of our team. To say that design really matters to them is an understatement.
Companies will continue to figure out how to make hybrid work work. As they do, they will undoubtably have use cases which lend themselves to spatial computing. For example, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare all have incredible spatial computing use cases (some obvious, some less so) that will be perfectly met by Apple Vision Pro. I’m certain most industries will leverage this device to improve productivity, efficacy, and the worker experience.
Bringing Webex to Apple Vision Pro marks another step forward in providing workers with flexibility and what we refer to as distance zero — delivering the feeling of physically being in a meeting even when you’re not, eliminating the impact of distance.

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