5 июля 2024

Investors share their sixth sense on AI and security
At the RSA Security Conference, leaders from Glasswing Ventures, Plexo Capital, and Cisco Investments tell what’s top of mind in tech trends.

The best investors have a sixth sense for tech trends. So, who better to chase down for insights on what to expect in tech?
The recent RSA Security Conference in San Francisco gave us an opportunity to do just that. At a Cisco Investments cocktail reception, we asked leaders from Glasswing Ventures and Plexo Capital, along with Cisco Investments and its Aspire Fund, to share what’s top of mind, and where their dollars may be headed next.
To call AI a priority would be an understatement. But each leader had their own unique and nuanced views on the impact of AI, in security and beyond. Moreover, AI isn’t their only focus. So, developments like open-source architectures, supply chain management, and autonomous security operations centers (SOCs) also garner attention.
However, as Derek Idemoto, Cisco’s senior vice president for corporate development and Cisco Investments stressed, AI remains “the biggest force of nature right now.” He highlighted that Cisco has made more than 20 AI-focused acquisitions and investments in recent years, including its purchase of Splunk, the data-analytics powerhouse. And this month, the company announced a $1 billion investment fund to expand and develop secure and reliable AI solutions.
Smart AI investments, Idemoto said, should supercharge a company’s existing expertise.
“When you think about Cisco, we have networking coming together with security, coming together with observability,” Idemoto explained, “and certainly with the acquisition of Splunk, you're talking about data insights and telemetry that is unmatched by anyone in the industry.”

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